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Birds of Prey: New Bonus Boss


The Birds of Prey have a new challenge to face. A giant Calculator Bot is roaming Metropolis, because Calculator must have everything Oracle has. It's not working correctly, though, and even the most calculating of villains needs help. It must be stopped.


Open World Boss: Calculator Bot

Defuse Calculator’s Massive Malfunctioning Ego-Machine that’s menacing the Birds of Prey! Enter BoP: Metropolis and take on the Risky Calculation mission. Earn new orbital strikes, emblems and feats!

New Feats!

  • Rogue AI
  • Broken First Law
  • Error 404
  • Permanent Shut Down

New Rewards!

  • From BoP: Metropolis: Calculator Bot
    • Beghilos Emblem
    • Info Broker Emblem
    • Calculator Uplink Device (orbital strike)
    • ORCL Uplink Device (orbital strike)
  • From BoP: Lex Tower (solo)
    • Lobo's Chained Hook
    • Lobo's Chained Hooks
  • From BoP: Volcano Mining Facility
    • Henchmen Uplink Device: LexCorp Security Robots
  • On BoP: Vendor (after completing the Permanent Shutdown feat)
    • Enhanced Beghilos Emblem
    • Enhanced Info Broker Emblem

Completing the weekly mission will also reward Lex Coins.


ORCL Uplink Device

Calculator Uplink Device


Lobo's Chained Hooks

Henchmen Uplink Device: LexCorp Security Robots


The Calculator Bot boss, rewards, and mission launch May 28, 2020, and all are permanent additions to the game. 

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