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Bonus Artifact XP & Gift!

Today's Game Update rebalances the Eye of Gemini artifact. These kinds of necessary adjustments can be painful, so we're kicking off a special Bonus Artifact XP week and a series of Artifact gifts. Read on!



Whatever your Artifact preferences, take advantage of double XP gains all week!

Artifact XP gains are DOUBLED when fortifying and ranking up your Artifacts. Any time you use Nth Metal or other Artifacts to add XP to your Artifacts, those gains will be doubled.

This week - from Thursday, June 1, 2023, through Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - all players will receive double Artifact XP when fortifying Artifacts.



Three gifts are available for players depending on their engagement with the Eye of Gemini artifact. Read on for details!

Artifact Celebration Pack

All players will receive the Artifact Celebration Pack. This is our thank you to everyone for your support as we make these critical changes to game balance. Once per account. Must have a character at level 23 or higher.

The Artifact Celebration Pack includes:

  • 1 Seal of Completion (guarantees success on your next Artifact breakthrough)
  • 1 Peculiar Nth Metal (worth 50,000 Artifact XP)
  • Catalysts 
    • 11 Dionesium
    • 6 Quantum Field Energy
    • 3 Paradox Energy

Eye of Gemini Boost

Players who currently have an Eye of Gemini artifact above Rank 80 will automatically have that artifact boosted to a higher rank. Here's how that works:

  • If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 80 and 99, it will be boosted to rank 120.
  • If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 100 and 139, it will be boosted to rank 160.
  • If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 140 and 159, it will be boosted to rank 180.
  • If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 160 and 199, it will be boosted to rank 200.

Eye Of Gemini Refinement Grant

Players who currently have an Eye of Gemini artifact at Rank 200 will also receive this additional special grant. We can't boost your Eye of Gemini higher than max level, so we hope this will get you into boosting another artifact of your choice. This Refinement Grant includes:

  • 1 Seal of Completion
  • 2 Seals of Preservation
  • Catalysts
    • 18 Dionesium
    • 16 Quantum Field Energy
    • 13 Paradox Energy


PLEASE NOTE: The bonus week will begin this Thursday after the downtime for the Game Update and will last through Wednesday, June 14, 2023. The Artifact Celebration Pack must be claimed by June 14, 2023. The Eye of Gemini Boost and Refinement Grant have already been automatically applied to all characters with Eye of Gemini artifacts. 



Update: The Artifact Refinement Grant (for characters that had a rank 200 Eye of Gemini on June 1) will be expanded with an additional gift of ~500k Artifact XP. This will be delivered as soon as possible.

Update 2: The bonus week has been extended through June 14, 2023, to make sure players receiving the additional Artifact Refinement Grant can take advantage of the bonus.

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