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Bonus Meta-Clinic IDs and Encrypted Schematics! Plus, New Rewards!


Currency rewards are tripled this week in Episode 45: Shock to the System. That means both Meta-Clinic IDs and Encrypted Schematics (instance and open world currencies) are tripled together. Open the On Duty menu and look for Shock to the System under Latest Episodes or open your map and warp to Dakota City.  

The currencies are used for obtaining new gear and rewards from the episode vendors in Episode 45: Shock to the System.



These NEW rewards are also now available on the episode vendor:

  • Ionic Glow Material    
  • Armlets of Unnatural Disaster
  • Belt of Unnatural Disaster
  • Greaves of Unnatural Disaster
  • Burger Fool Emblem


Ionic Glow Material, Armlet, Belt, and Greaves of Unnatural Disaster


The bonus week begins after the daily server restarts on Thursday, June 22, 2023, and runs through Wednesday, June 28, 2023. The new rewards are permanent additions to the game. 


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