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Double Currency, New Rewards, Bonus Content!

Episode 40: World of Flashpoint comes out next month, so now is the time to reap those rewards in Episode 39: Long Live The Legion! Look for bonus currency rewards, new vendor items, new boss drops, and new missions!


Starting with the obvious, Solar Credits and Time Beacons rewards will be doubled this week in Long Live The Legion.  

Solar Credits are the primary currency for Long Live The Legion, rewarded for most missions and On Duty instances. Time Beacons are the open world currency rewarded in 31st Century Metropolis. Both are used for obtaining new gear and rewards from the episode vendors.   

The bonus week begins Thursday, March 18, 2021, and runs through Wednesday, March 24, 2021.



Look for the Mordru's Wild Magic mission in 31st Century Metropolis, then head out to defeat the world bosses. Mordru is sending Ensorcelled Gems into the fight as a final effort to overcome the Legion. Destroy them to earn feats, look for new boss drops, then head to the vendor for a new reward.

Boss Drops

  • Eye of Ekron Uplink Device
  • Ensorcelled Gem Turret

Vendor Item

  • Shadow Runic Hand Accessory

Accessory Grants

Because this latest runic hand item is an accessory, anyone with the existing runic hand auras will receive a grant of an identical item as an accessory for use in the accessory style slot. (The original auras will not be removed.)

  • Red Runic Hand Aura --> Red Runic Hand Accessory
  • Purple Runic Hand Aura --> Purple Runic Hand Accessory
  • Teal Runic Hand Aura --> Teal Runic Hand Accessory
  • Gold Runic Hand Aura --> Gold Runic Hand Accessory



Eight new items have been be added to the Long Live The Legion vendors.

For Solar Credits: 

  • Enhanced Thrall of Ekron Aura
  • 31st Century Hologram Aura
  • Omega Emblem

For Time Beacons:

  • 31st Century Slimline Pack (3 Tunics and 3 Leggings)
  • Cosmic Boy Emblem
  • Saturn Girl Emblem
  • Lightning Lad Emblem
  • Legion of Super Heroes Emblem

PLUS, seven new Enhanced Thrall of Ekron Modular Auras can now drop Mordru (raid) and Enhanced versions of the five emblems above can now drop from the open world bosses.

All vendor rewards, boss drops, and the mission launch March 18, 2021, and are permanent additions to the game. 


Enhanced Thrall of Ekron Aura, Ensorcelled Gem Turret

31st Century Slimline Pack, 31st Century Hologram Aura

Eye of Ekron Uplink Device

Enhanced Omega, Legion of Super Heroes, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy Emblems

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