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The New Booster Bundle - Extended!

Due to popular demand, and because of the improvements we have made to the Cosmic Material just last week, this run of the Booster Bundle has been extended to June 30, 2016. Stock up on your most needed convenience items AND get a chance at the new Solar and Glimmering Aura variants, or of course the all new and now tintable Cosmic Material!


The Booster Bundle is a collection of must-have Marketplace convenience items PLUS a bonus Reward Box that includes a random cosmetic item. Each bundle always comes with $10 worth of Marketplace convenience items (full list below), and costs 1000 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 1000 Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox).

Here's the full list:

  • 150 Replay Badges
  • 1 Radar Enhancer
  • 1 R&D Scanner
  • 1 Proto Repair Bot
  • 2 Total Recovery Kits
  • Bonus: Reward Box

The bonus Reward Box is what makes this bundle so sweet. Each Reward Box includes one random cosmetic item from the list below. Players will commonly receive one of the five Glimmering Aura variants, will uncommonly receive one of the new Solar Aura variants, and will rarely receive the NEW Cosmic Material!

All items from the Reward Box can be traded with other players, and all seven Auras plus the Cosmic Material are new to the game and not available anywhere else.

Here are the contents of this Booster Bundle's Reward Box:

  • Blue Solar Aura
  • Purple Solar Aura
  • Yellow Glimmering Aura
  • Pink Glimmering Aura
  • Purple Glimmering Aura
  • Cyan Glimmering Aura
  • Green Glimmering Aura

The Booster Bundle remains the BEST deal in DCUO - pay for the Marketplace items you were going to buy anyway AND get the Reward Box as a bonus! Keep the Auras or Material for yourself, trade them to others, or stock up for future characters you haven't even thought of yet.



Many of you who missed yesterday's livestream preview may be wondering just what a Material is in DCUO. Materials are a new kind of character customization, a new way to differentiate your character's visual costume design. Materials allow you to overwrite the existing texture on the styles your character is wearing with a different texture - a different Material - to give yourself a multitude of new possible looks.

Using the Style menu, you already have the ability to customize the colors on each style slot individually. Click on the button below, or use your dpad to open this screen.

Style Tab

Now you also have the ability in that same customization screen to specify a Material for that slot. Doing so will replace that style's regular texture with the one you choose. Note the shape and structure of the style remains, but the substance of the thing itself will change.

Colors Tab

You can do this for any style slot (excluding Emblems, Auras, and your Skin itself), any combination of style slots, or for every style slot. To make that easier, you can also visit the Colors tab and apply your chosen Material to every slot all at once.

Apply All Material

All Cosmic

We recommend trying the "Apply Material to All" option and removing pieces here and there until you find the look that pops for you. When combined with the incredible number of styles available in the game, the possibilities are nearly endless!



The Cosmic Material is the first Material introduced to DCUO, and is now available in the Booster Bundle for a limited time. Get it now (and stock up on Marketplace items and other sweet Auras while you're at it) or risk facing an infinite void of galactic, near-universal regret, an emptiness inside you like the dark between the stars...that your friends are wearing on any styles they choose, at any time they want. Just saying. It's cool.

The Booster Bundle, with its bonus Reward Box featuring one of the new Auras or the Cosmic Material, is now available in the Marketplace for 1000 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 1000 Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox), and will only be available for a limited time. Get yours today!

The Booster Bundle will be available from May 19, 2016, to June 30, 2016.

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