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New Booster Bundle!


Now available for a limited time: the Booster Bundle! Packed full of the most useful convenience items and all-new jaw dropping styles, the Booster Bundle is one of the best deals in DC Universe Online.

The Booster Bundle returns with the most-needed marketplace convenience items and the new Booster Reward Box. The Booster Reward Box will reward one of five new auras, two new materials, or the first ever Accessory pet: the Futuristic Drone Accessory! Details below!

Each Booster Bundle costs 1000 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox, NS), and comes with marketplace convenience items. Here's the full list:

  • 150 Replay Badges
  • 1 Artifact 1000 XP Pack
  • 1 Nth Metal Detector
  • 1 Radar Enhancer
  • 1 Proto Repair Bot
  • 1 Vault Ticket
  • Bonus: 1 Booster Reward Box

Booster Reward Box

The bonus Booster Reward Box will include one random item of the eight listed below, all of which are brand new to the game and tradable:

  • Futuristic Drone Accessory Box! Includes:
    • Futuristic Drone Accessory (Cosmetic Pet)
      • This new drone pet is very special in that it is the first pet equipped through the Accessory slot in your Style Menu, so it won't take up space in your utility belt. Bring your little friend with you everywhere!
      • Plus, this is the first Accessory to take an Emblem on its little "face," which means we needed a few face-like Emblems, too.
    • New Emblems
      • Happy Face Emblem
      • Neutral Face Emblem
      • Angry Face Emblem
      • Volatile Face Emblem (Battle Reactive) 
  • Red Metallic Material
  • Blue Metallic Material
  • Gleaming Purple Aura
  • Gleaming Yellow Aura
  • Gleaming Red Aura
  • Gleaming Green Aura
  • Gleaming White Aura


Futuristic Drone Accessory


Metallic Materials


Gleaming Auras


The Booster Bundle will only be available for a limited time, from December 19, 2019, through January 16, 2020. The Futuristic Drone Accessory Box is tradable, but the contents inside are not. 




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