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New in the Marketplace: Brainiac Lair Theme

New in the Marketplace: Brainiac Lair Theme

Do you need more Brainiac in your life? Due to popular demand, the Brainiac Lair Theme is now available in the Marketplace. This theme features the same updated layout and large room found in the Atlantean Lair, new visuals for Amenities, Armories, and Back-Up/Henchmen, and the sweet, sweet ambience of a Brainiac Harvester Ship. 

Members can claim one Brainiac Lair Theme during the 2019 anniversary event, on one character. If you would like the theme on more than one character or you are not a member, now you too can pick up this elegant, comfortable home.

The Brainiac Lair Theme is available in the Marketplace for 1500 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (PSN, Xbox), and is redeemable on all characters on your account. 

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