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Announcing the Community Style Initiative!

Community Style Initiative

Hello style enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the new community style initiative, where we invite you to vote for a gear suit style and then see it made.

Most styles in the game come themed with an episode or a seasonal event, but there are many styles and characters that have not fit into either of those yet or in a while. Many of those styles would be epic in the game, you have asked for them, and now we plan to deliver. This is in addition to the styles you are used to seeing throughout the year.

While working on this style, we also want to invite you inside the studio to really see how gear suits get made. It won't be a spoiler or subject to as much change because you are going to vote for it at the outset, and that really unties our hands.

On the topic of voting, here's how we expect this to work:

  1. Call for suggestions! We will open up an official forum thread for anyone and everyone to suggest characters or costumes for us to make. 
  2. Options! We will take the suggestions and narrow them down to about ten options - based on popularity, feasibility, our current plans, and DC approval.
  3. Polling! Then, we will conduct a series of polls where you get to vote on what style the collective community wants most.
  4. Work In Progress! Finally, we will get to making the suit, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

One thing to note: a *lot* of work and time goes into creating styles, and this work will be done in between our other responsibilities. That is to say, this whole process will take months and months, but it should be an intriguing journey for us all. We hope you will join us!

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