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New Boss: Barbatos!


Head back to Death Metal D.C. for an epic fight against Barbatos!

Unshackled by Perpetua and The Batman Who Laughs, the Bat God Barbatos is back for his dark encore in Death Metal Washington, D.C. and Lady Blackhawk needs your help finishing this closer.

New Feats!

  • Barba-Toast
  • Barbatos Beatdown
  • Barbatos’ Batmares
  • Gotham’s Heavy Burden
  • Gotham’s Burden
  • Themyscira’s Ultimate Failur
  • Themyscira’s Failure
  • Endless Visions of Krypton
  • Visions of Krypton
  • Bats in the Belfry


New Rewards!

  • Death Metal Batman Scythe Weapon Style
  • Chainsaw of Truth Weapon Style
  • Death Metal Guitar Weapon Style
  • Alfred Box Combat Pet


Death Metal Batman Scythe, Chainsaw of Truth, Death Metal Guitar Axe Weapon Styles

Alfred Box Combat Pet


PLEASE NOTE: The boss will launch this Thursday with daily server restarts.


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