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New Ally: Death Metal Batman!

Death Metal Batman

Death Metal Batman is the ally you never knew you needed and that you may or may not deserve. Have you gotten yourself into a jam? Surrounded by enemies? Nothing good on the <insert your music streaming service here>?
Call in Death Metal Batman with his slaying power chords and sick beats, and watch your enemies crumble when faced with this level of awesome! Here's a quick look at his abilities:

Death Metal Solo
[Combat Ability]

  • Shreds a riff that damages nearby enemies and lays down a chord of 3 debuffs, with a scythe-swinging cone damage encore.

Black Lantern Energy Steal
[Passive Ability]

  • Applying a controller debuff drops a pool that restores power over time to allies who pass through it, with a short cooldown.
  • Defeating a target heals you and up to 3 allies with the lowest health, with a 10 second cooldown.

Cloak of Erasure
[Passive Ability]

  • Performing a roll detaunts enemies and gives 6 stacks of a percentage-based Might, Precision, and damage mitigation buffs, with a short cooldown.
  • Each hit dealt by you or to you removes a stack.


Get your Death Metal Batman ally in-game from Cyborg, in the House of Legends, or in the Marketplace. 



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