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Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards - September 2023


New month; new rewards! Each day you log in this month (before October 1, 2023) unlocks rewards - from stabilizers and source marks to Fate and Destiny currencies.
This month's member gear features the Vesture of Proselyte style. The non-member gear style is the Exalted style.
Log in at least 21 days this month to claim the Cheetah Print Material, inspired by Cheetah. Members only. Once collected, account bound Cheetah Print Material items will be available from Doctor Fate (to pass to other characters on your account). 


Daily rewards offer a lot more than styles for everyone each month, and members get the most. Here's what that looks like in-game. Everyone can unlock the top, free track, and members can unlock both tracks.
Wondering what you can get? We have you covered. You will collect everything below if you log in at least 21 days each month.
Monthly Rewards 
Reward Non-Members Members (total)
Destiny Tokens 1 4
Fate Tokens (First 21 Days) 105 420
Fate Tokens (Days 22+) 5 per day 20 per day
Ally Favor 4000 16000
Nth Metal XP 12000 52000
Source Marks 12 48
Stabilizer Fragments 93 186
Dionesium 5 5
Quantum Field Energy - 3
Paradox Energy - 2
Rare Alliance 4 4
Epic Alliance - 4
Compound Omega - 10
Soder Cola Ultimate 12 Pack 1 1
Flawed Exobyte 3 3
Pristine Exobyte 9 9
Remember, you can subscribe to membership at any time during the month to gain all of the member rewards you are eligible for.
Doctor Fate Vendor Items
The Fate and Destiny tokens collected throughout the month can be used to unlock more rewards directly from Doctor Fate in the House of Legends. He offers a wide variety of items, including past monthly member rewards, marketplace items like Stabilizers, legacy vault items, and so much more. Stop by and take a look soon!

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