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Double Catalyst Weekend!

Double Catalyst Weekend!

With the ever expanding array of Artifacts, these powerful items heroes and villains can fortify and rank up for a wide range of stats and bonuses, both Nth Metal and Catalysts are required. Nth Metal is found by defeating virtually any enemy in the game, constantly, and when used adds Artifact XP into your artifacts. Every 20 ranks, your Artifacts need a bit more umph, though - they need Catalysts to breakthrough that rank. The specific Catalysts for each rank are found by completing specific pieces of content (and the Artifacts screen will direct you where you need to go). 

This weekend, in ALL of those locations, you will receive double the amount of Catalysts. Get out there, breakthrough on your current Artifacts, and stock up! You never know when you will want to rank up a new Artifact, and it always feels good to be prepared. 

Additionally, daily On Duty content in Episode 31: Deluge will have a chance to drop a Catalyst, and weekly On Duty content in Deluge will be guaranteed to drop a Catalyst. What specific Catalyst you get in Deluge will be random. 

The bonus weekend will begin this Thursday (April 12, 2018) with daily server restarts, and last through Sunday (April 15, 2018), to daily server restarts on Monday morning. 

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