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Game Update 139

Game Update 139

Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed - Elite Plus

Elite Plus versions of the Cursed House of Mystery alert and of the Cursed Themyscira raid are now available, featuring further challenge and reward.

  • Look for these Elite Plus versions in your On-Duty menu in their own queues alongside their Event, Normal, and Elite versions.

Episode 46: Open World Boss - Gentleman Ghost

Gentleman Ghost is furious at having being so thoroughly insulted, and demands satisfaction! Pay him his proper due, before his ghostly rampage tears Cursed Gotham City apart!

New Feats

  • Spooky Scary Denizens
  • Graveyard Bash!
  • Gentleman’s Feud
  • A Lesson in Manners
  • Gentleman’s Squabble
  • Taking the Gloves Off
  • Gentleman’s Brawl
  • Dressed for Success
  • Gor-Gone!

New Character Creation

The process and interfaces used to create characters has been completely overhauled and streamlined. This includes new slimlines, new streetwear, and upgraded versions of some of our most classic styles.

New Tutorial

The new player tutorial just following character creation has been rebuilt to better introduce players to the game. Look for a smoother experience, updated environments, refreshed narrative, and more.

Repair Removal

Gear can no longer be damaged, broken, or repaired.

  • Repair tabs have been removed from all vendors.
  • Sale prices for dropped gear has been lowered in later episodes.
  • Oracle-Bot has a new Power-recharging passive ability (to replace the support ability that repaired gear).
  • Adjusted cash drops from on duty bosses and missions as well as gear sales values to compensate for missing repair costs.

Marketplace - Ally Alliance Mega Pack

Strengthen your Alliance with your Allies with this Ally Alliance Mega Pack! This pack contains the Alliances required to Level a Legendary Ally to Affinity 6 and includes the following items:

  • 22 Rare Alliances
  • 18 Epic Alliances
  • 12 Legendary Alliances


Oracle Bot

  • Passive 1 is now Task Manager
    • Rank 3: Restores 8% Power after using 8 Abilities.
    • Rank 4: Restores 10% Power after using 7 Abilities.
    • Rank 5: Restores 12.5% Power after using 6 Abilities.


  • The player housing amenity “Dispenser” is now more consistently referred to as a “Dispenser”
  • Housing item subcategories will now scroll if the text is too long

Ability Balance Changes

  • Fire - Absorb Heat
    • Fixed a bug causing Absorb Heat to preserve its HoT effect even when cancelled
    • Increased Healing by 20% per tick
  • Earth - Brick
    • Earthshatter: A fast Area of effect attack (same range as jackhammer), dealing roughly 2.2x damage vs. a single jackhammer hit, and provides brick with 5s of 25% damage mitigation
    • Removed the FX indicating that you were sharing damage with brick
    • Removed Jackhammer and replaced with a new move called "Earthshatter"
    • New Ability: Earthshatter
  • Earth - Crystal
    • Created a new variant of Shuriken Storm for Crystal and added it to Crystal's basic attack combo profile
  • Sorcery - Fury/Watcher/Guardian
    • Removed player-encircling spell VFX while entity is active to improve visual clarity.
  • Sorcery - Fury
    • Replaced Pulse Beam (Hand Blast Channel) from their Basic attack combo profile with Scissor kick (Hand Blast Combo)


  • The Missions BOUNTY: Gotham Heroes!, BOUNTY: Metropolis Heroes!, WANTED: Gotham Villains!, and WANTED: Metropolis Villains! now more clearly identify themselves as PvP.
Stabilizer Fragmentation
  • The Stabilizer Fragmentation Duo is now a Solo instance.


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