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Episode Spotlight: Birds of Prey & 5X Stabilizers


They're back and still battling the chaos out in Metropolis. Revisit Episode 37: Birds of Prey for double the rewards at half the cost. 

This week – from Thursday, September 17, 2020, through Wednesday, September 23, 2020 – players will enjoy:

  • DOUBLE LexCoins when completing instanced or mission content in Birds of Prey. 
  • 50% discount on Birds of Prey gear at vendors. 

LexCoins are used primarily to purchase gear and rewards from the Birds of Prey vendors. Characters must be combat rating 287 or higher to play the episode and participate in the bonus week.



To make this bonus week even sweeter, rewards in the daily Stabilizer event are quintupled! 

When you complete the event, you will get five times as many Stabilizer Fragments than you normally do. The event rewards different amounts based on your access level, so that ends up looking like this:

  • Members
    • Standard Reward: 6 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X BONUS Reward: 30 Stabilizer Fragments (two complete Stabilizers)
  • Premium Access Level
    • Standard Reward: 4 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X BONUS Reward: 20 Stabilizer Fragments (one and one-third complete Stabilizers)
  • Free Players
    • Standard Reward: 3 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X BONUS Reward: 15 Stabilizer Fragments (one complete Stabilizer)

Remember, it takes 15 Stabilizer Fragments to form one Stabilizer, which can then be used to open any existing Time Capsule. The event can be completed once per day. Need a refresher on what's in which capsule? Check out our Time Capsule guide!

The standard Stabilizer Fragment rewards will go directly to your currency tab (as usual) and will be delivered in the loot window as two items: the regular cache of Stabilizer Fragments that you always receive and a bonus cache of Stabilizer Fragments with the appropriate bonus amount.


PLEASE NOTE: The episode spotlight and 5x stabilizers will begin this Thursday with daily server restarts and will last through Wednesday to daily server restarts on next Thursday morning.  

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