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Join the DC Universe Online Extra Life Team!

Extra Life is here. Everyone is invited to join the DCUO and Dimensional Ink Extra Life team for fun, not that much mayhem, and prizes! And of course to help us help children in need in our local communities. 

Anyone can join the Dimensional Ink team or donate if you can. And if you can't? That's fine too. Anything you can do to help spread the word is powerful, and that means just as much as a donation for the cause. It's really very simple: donate yourself, spread the word, or join our team! Everyone wins no matter what you choose to do.

Let's Go!

The Dimensional Ink Extra Life Team is working to raise at least $15,000 in 2023. Keep reading for more information about how you can participate leading up to Game Day on November 4, 2023.

Dimensional Ink Games has again kicked off our fundraising with a donation of $5,000! Let's make this a great year, together.

Why Extra Life?

Extra Life is a charitable organization that unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $87 million for sick and injured kids.

By fundraising, our team is helping to support a local hospital that treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their illness, injury, or even their family’s ability to pay. And as the COVID-19 pandemic places new stresses on hospitals and communities, Extra Life helps ensure that the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around North America have the resources they need to care for the most vulnerable kids.

The DCUO team will support our local Austin CMN hospital, Dell Children's Ascension.


Team Milestones

Our goal this year is to cross $15,000 mark, but we have rewards for everyone in the game when the team crosses other milestones on the way. 

  • Milestone #0: $5000
    • Helper's Halo Unlocked!
  • Milestone #1: $7000
    • All Previous Years Rewards Unlocked!
  • Milestone #2: $9000
    • NEW! Star Crown!
  • Milestone #3: $11000
    • NEW! Falling Feathers Aura!
  • Milestone #4: $13000
    • NEW! Angelic Drone Chroma Pack!
  • Milestone #5: TBD
    • NEW! Gamer Emote!

Star Crown

Falling Feathers Aura

Angelic Drone Chroma Pack

Gamer Emote


Team Member Milestones

Join the team and reach one of the below personal milestones for an extra special reward! (Tip: You can add these for everyone to see on your personal page directly.)

The great thing about this is that even if you can't donate, getting others to donate to you will get you cool stuff, too!

  • Team Member Milestone #1: $100
    • Extra Life in-game title "The Benevolent" for one character on your account
  • Team Member Milestones: Each Additional $100
    • Extra Life in-game title "The Benevolent" for an additional character on your account

For clarity, these Team Member Milestones are unlocked if you 1) join the Extra Life DCUO team and 2) reach the milestone's dollar amount in donations you personally have received. These will be awarded by December 1, 2023.

Team Incentives: Boss Battles

Boss battles are back this year. Gather your friends. Defeat bosses. Choose your prize. When you defeat all of your bosses, everyone in the area participating will also receive the reward!

Time slots (the incentives) are limited and will be posted as incentives on the Team Captain Mepps' Extra Life page

This year, the following rewards are available:

  1. Holographic Rainbow Chroma Pack
  2. Violet Disruption Material
  3. Green Disruption Material
  4. Quartz Glass Material
  5. Sapphire Glass Material
  6. Amethyst Glass Material
  7. Fire Opal Glass Material
  8. Caregiver Cape
  9. Angelic Aura
  10. Starry Caregiver's Chroma Pack (3 materials)
  11. NEW! Gamaga Arcade Machine

Team Incentives: Boss Battle Rewards!

Looking for some of those Boss Battle rewards but don't have the time to make it to a boss battle? You're in luck. You can now donate to have one (1) style sent to you on one (1) of your characters. Select the appropriate incentive on this page or on one of the other DCUO Developer pages until sold out.

Team Incentives: Custom Forum Title!

You too can have your own custom title on the official DCUO forums. Look for the incentive [From Mepps] until the titles have sold out.

Game Day Livestream

We will livestream on Game Day, November 4, 2023, from 10AM-2PM PT. Make sure you visit our Twitch channel for the full schedule. 


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