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Game Update 125

Game Update 125

Ally: Superman!

Summon Superman to aid you in combat! The Last Son of Krypton backs you up by using his Frost Breath to freeze your foes, enhancing your Group Breakout powers, or empowering your channeled powers. Call in the hero of Metropolis, Superman!

Freezing Breath

  • [Combat Ability]
  • Breathes a cone of frost breath, damaging and giving Frostbite to all targets.
  • At Max Affinity Level: (10) +448% damage

Inspiring Breakout

  • [Passive Ability]
  • [Tank Role]
  • Upon using a group breakout ability, gives you and all allies a damage reduction shield that lasts for 6 hits or 30 seconds, whichever is reached first.
  • At Max Affinity Level: (10) 35% damage reduction, 30 sec cooldown

Kryptonian Channeling

  • [Passive Ability]
  • While channeling, gain the following bonuses:
    • Channeled abilities are no longer vulnerable to interrupt
    • Increased resistance to control effects
    • Increased Defense and Toughness
    • Does not stack with Empowered Channeling.
  • At Max Affinity Level: (10) +10% Defense and Toughness, 25% control resistance

Superman cannot be used in PVP arenas. Use Ally Favor and Alliances to increase their Affinity Level. This Ally is redeemable by every character on the account, and is not tradable.


Pride Player Gift

The DCUO Team is happy to celebrate Pride Month with these free gifts!

Express your pride or show your support with:

  • Pride Logo Emblem
  • Enhanced Pride Logo Emblem
  • Superman's Super Kiss Pride Poster
  • Harlivy Cheeky Kiss Poster
  • Harlivy Kiss From a Rose Poster
  • Superman Pride Parade Poster
  • Poison Ivy Pride in Bloom Poster

Remember: true heroes listen, support, and uplift those around them. 




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