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Game Update 126

Game Update 126

Save the Universe, collect daily rewards, or unwrap the new LexCorp Exclusive Time Capsule (featuring Ally: Future Lex Luthor) in GU126!

Save the Universe

The universe is unraveling and old threats are new again. Travel back (or is it forward?) in time to play up-leveled and updated classic adventures!

  • Choose between event (the original), normal, and elite versions of each Save the Universe instance.
  • Use the On Duty menu to queue up for the content in the Save the Universe category.
  • Look for "Call to Save the Universe" in your Journal, then visit Rip Hunter in the House of Legends to get started.
  • Make sure you pick up your daily and weekly missions "Perpetual Preparation" and "Save the Universe".
    • Content Set 1
      • Available for three weeks from July 7-27, 2022
      • 1-Player: The Last Son of Krypton
      • 4-Player: BoP Volcano Mining Facility
      • 8-Player: Kandor Central Tower
    • Content Set 2
      • Available for three weeks from July 28-August 17, 2022
      • 1-Player: BoP Lex Tower
      • 4-Player: Smallville
      • 8-Player: Darkseid War Factory

LexCorp Exclusive Time Capsule

The LexCorp Exclusive Time Capsule contains exciting new styles and items inspired by Lex Luthor. Plus, open 25 to receive the new Ally: Future Lex Luthor.

Ally: Future Lex Luthor

Summon the deliverer of the Exobytes, Future Lex Luthor!

Brainiac Field

  • [Combat Ability]
  • Creates a sphere that deals damage and reduces the movement speed of all enemies within for 6 seconds.
  • At Max Affinity Level: (10) +400% damage, -30% movement speed reduction (reduction does not work on bosses)

Exobyte Overdrive

  • [Passive Ability]
  • When below 50% health, boosts Dominance, Restoration, Vitalization, and Defense for several seconds.
  • At Max Affinity Level: (10) +15% stat boost, 15 sec duration

Circuit Breaker

  • [Passive Ability]
  • Increases duration of control effects resistance gained from self breakout. Upon self or group breakout, gain increased power.
  • At Max Affinity Level: (10) +15% power boost, 40 sec control resistance duration

Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards

Many items now appear on the Doctor Fate vendor for either Fate Tokens or Destiny Tokens. Some items have weekly purchase limits.

  • Ally Favor Cache [x 16600]
  • Stabilizer
  • Nth Metal Detector
  • Enhanced Fuginaut Gear Box
  • Decorator's Base Item Box
  • R&D Scanner
  • Radar Enhancer
  • Renown Booster Box
  • XP Booster Box
  • Numerous R&D Components


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