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New Episode: House of Legends

New Episode: House of Legends

Answer The Monitor's call and travel to his House of Legends, a new shared hero and villain hub at the center of all worlds.

A vast threat approaches, and you - with your allies - will need to be stronger than you are now to face it. To get stronger, everything must change.

House of Legends features this new shared hub, an updated On Duty menu with Quick Play missions, Omnibus scaling content with full rewards and with no loot locks, Save the Universe up-leveled classic content, the Allies system, new rewards, access level upgrades, Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards, and more.

For a limited time, the standard (not up-leveled) versions of Save the Universe content are also available with increased rewards. Look for both in your On Duty menu. 

This episode and all episodes are free for all players.




New Hub: The House of Legends

The Monitor calls all heroes and villains to his House of Legends to train, coordinate, and prepare for a looming multiversal threat. The House of Legends sits in The Bleed, a plane in between universes, where Tempus Fuginaut, Harbinger, and others from numerous universes watch over the multiverse.

Look for a wide array of useful and practical tools throughout the House of Legends, including the Orrery of Worlds to teleport you across dimensions, the Training Hall for peacefully practicing your combat skills, the Archives, and more. 

  • The House of Legends is a new hub or headquarters shared by both factions, an alternative to the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom
  • Use the Orrery of Worlds teleporter to easily travel to all of the game's open world zones.
  • Visit style vendors for a one-stop-shop to finding episode gear styles from our past
  • Find Chang Tzu in the main observation deck to browse his selection of Combat Pets
  • Talk to Tempus Fuginaut to find gear most important for you (previously Mechanical Supply Vendor)
  • Look for "Together Unbroken" in your Journal to get started exploring this new hub

New Content: Save the Universe Part One & Part Two - Superman Classics & Batman Classics

Mend time itself with Rip Hunter and travel back (or is it forward?) in time to play up-leveled and updated classic adventures!

  • Choose between event (the original), regular, and elite versions of each Save the Universe instance
  • Part One: Use the On Duty menu to queue up for The Science Spire (duo), Phantom Zone (alert), and Power Core (raid) under the Save the Universe category
  • Part Two: Use the On Duty menu to queue up for Iceberg Lounge (solo), Family Reunion (alert), and Batcave 2: Inner Sanctum (raid)
  • Look for "Call to Save the Universe" in your Journal, then visit Rip Hunter in the House of Legends to get started
  • Make sure you pick up your daily and weekly missions "Perpetual Preparation" and "Save the Universe"
  • Stay tuned for Wonder Woman Classics coming in part three of Save the Universe later this fall

New System: Allies

Summon powerful and iconic DC Super-Heroes and Supervillains as your Allies in battle!

  • Collect and unlock Allies including Tier 1 Oracle-Bot, Calc-Bot, House of Legends Bot, and Tier 2 Professor Zoom, The Flash, and Cyborg 
    • Tier 3 Allies Queen Diana, Flashpoint Batman, and Emperor Aquaman will launch at a later date
  • Collect Ally Favor to rank up your relationships with your Allies
  • Open the new Allies UI from your PDA to rank up and then equip active and passive Allies
  • Look for "Call for Allies" in your Journal and visit Cyborg to get started

Updated UI: On Duty and Quick Play

Use an updated On Duty menu to queue and play faster than ever before. Easily select your preferences for type of content and jump right in.

  • Quick Play will queue for for every eligible instance based on your selections and randomly place you into the next available
  • Choose from Latest Episodes, Save the Universe, Omnibus, Seasonals, or Custom Play (the old On Duty menu)
  • Earn extra rewards by completing automatically granted daily and weekly Quick Play Omnibus missions  

New System: Omnibus 

Get into DCUO in a whole new way with the Omnibus system. Play any content your character is eligible for, prior to our latest three episodes, for full rewards and without loot locks. Player stats will be scaled to appropriate levels for all Omnibus content.

  • Omnibus Combat Rating requirements have been reorganized into tiers for simplicity and each tier will unlock in full at once
  • Player stats will scale to about ten levels higher than NPCs in whichever instance
  • Stats from Skill Points, Artifacts, Augments, Leagues, Generator Mods, and certain Movement Mode, Iconic, and Allies abilities will scale proportionally afterwards, which means increasing these will always add power to your character (even in Omnibus content)
  • Missions in the Mission Journal have had their Combat Ratings/Levels updated to correspond to the new Tiers

New Rewards

  • Earn new feats, gear, and styles inspired by Tempus Fuginaut and The Monitor.

Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards

Get ready for an all-new, easy system to claim your daily rewards. This system replaces the vault and the stabilizer duo, adds many new rewards each day, and introduces new currencies for the new daily rewards store - run by Doctor Fate!

  • Earn and claim rewards for each day you log in every calendar month
  • Log in enough days (around 21) to obtain a special rare style or item
  • Rewards include new Fate Tokens and Destiny Tokens for Doctor Fate's store, as well as Artifact XP, Ally Favor, Stabilizers, and more
  • Note: August's rewards are a shortened month with non-standard days

Access Levels and Free Episodes

Each access level (free, premium, member) have new and updated benefits. Most notably, all episodes are now free for all players!

Changes for every access level include:

  • Free episodes
  • Free Doctor Fate's Daily Login Rewards
  • Full access to lair and utility belt systems
  • Cash cap increased from 2,000 to 50,000
  • +7 additional inventory slots

Changes for the premium access level include:

  • Cash cap increased from 3,000 to unlimited

Changes for membership include:

  • Member Doctor Fate's Daily Login Rewards
    • 3x more rewards, in addition to the free rewards
  • +50% bonus to timed drops of Artifact XP and Ally favor
  • +7 (more) Inventory slots
  • +8 (more) Bank slots  
  • +7 (more) Shared Bank slots 

All other membership benefits remain, including the monthly grants of 150 Replay Badges and 500 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Loyalty Points (consoles). Membership cost has not increased.




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