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Justice League Dark: Giant Shadow Golem!


Chaos Gotham is about to get a little more chaotic. Descending from the rift in the sky is the Giant Shadow Golem, a new menace Gotham City needs you to eliminate. Starting tomorrow (July 25, 2019), answer the call to earn new feats and rewards! 


Open-World Boss: Giant Shadow Golem (Weekly)

Enter Chaos Gotham and accept the Dispelling Darkness mission. Dispel the Giant Shadow Golem reinforcing the efforts of Mordru in Chaos Gotham before it can turn the tide! 

New Feats!

  • Defend Against The Darkness
  • Light It Up
  • Stave Off the Darkness
  • Turn On the Light (Grants the Title "of the Shadows")

New Rewards!

Three new rewards arrive with the Giant Shadow Golem. Check the Justice League Dark vendor for the Shadow Haunted Flames Accessory and the Henchmen Uplink Device: Shadow Henchmen. Plus, keep an eye out when defeating the Giant Shadow Golem, because it has a chance to drop the new Void Uplink Device (Orbital Strike). 

Completing the weekly mission will also reward Daemohedrons. 

Henchmen Uplink Device: Shadow Henchmen

Shadow Haunted Flames Accessory

Void Uplink Device


The Giant Shadow Golem, rewards, and mission launch tomorrow, July 25, 2019, and are permanent additions to the game. 

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