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New Ally: Krypto!

Ally: Krypto

Everyone needs a most best friend and, let's face it, animals usually are there for us in ways humans are not. That's especially true if your pet is a Super-Pet like Krypto the Superdog, with the powers of Superman and the cutest puppy-dog eyes on two planets! 
Call in Krypto when you need a friend to help you through the tough times and the challenging battles! Here's a quick look at his abilities:

Heat Vision
[Combat Ability]

  • Fires eye beams at a single target for 3 seconds, dealing damage and burning the target. Deals increased damage to bosses.

Go Fetch!
[Passive Ability]

  • Increases average yield from gathering exo-materials.


Get your Krypto ally in-game from Cyborg, in the House of Legends. 



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