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Legends PvE Extravaganza Extended!


UPDATE: This bonus week has been extended one additional week because of the connection issues we have experienced. Thank you and enjoy more 10x feats!


It's time for Legends. Play Legends PvE this week, get feats, celebrate. The Legends PvE Extravaganza is back!

This week only, all Legends characters will be available to try and all Legends PvE maps will be available in the On Duty menu. Legends PvE invites you to complete PvE content playing as iconic DC characters.

More importantly, Legends PvE feat contribution will be multiplied tenfold. That's 10x, 1000%, decupled, TIMES TEN. When working towards any Legends PvE feat with a counter, instead of one completion incrementing the counter by one, a completion will increment the counter by 10!

To repeat, this week – from Thursday, January 28, 2021, through Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – all players will receive 10x feat contribution (counters) in Legends PvE, plus all Legends PvE maps and characters will be available.


Plus, during this bonus week, all Legends characters will be 30% off in the Marketplace, so get caught up if you need to.

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