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Legion of Doom: Ultraviolet Construct Bosses & New Rewards

New Open World Boss: Ultraviolet Nightmare

Ultraviolet Sinestro has released a giant Ultraviolet Nightmare in Doomed Washington D.C. (Legion of Doom) and Guy Gardner has (somewhat begrudgingly) asked for help repelling it in a new weekly mission.

New Rewards!

  • Ultraviolet Emblem (Vendor)
  • Enhanced Ultraviolet Emblem (Boss Drop)
  • Ultraviolet Uplink Device (Boss Drop)
  • Henchmen Uplink Device: Ultraviolet Lanterns (Boss Drop)






New Legion of Doom Feats

New feats have been added to every piece of Legion of Doom content: Open World, Duo, Alert, and Raid, for Normal Mode and Elite Mode.

New Artifact: The Clarion

Unleash the power of one of Arion's legendary artifacts to empower your weapon attacks with the restorative melody of the clarion and to shatter enemies with its concordant attacks.

  • This new Artifact is intended for Hybrid Precision Healers.
  • You will find this new Artifact on the Constantine Vendor.

New Feature: Base Item Vendor

Cheetah has taken residence in the Living Quarters section of the House of Legends, near John Stewart. At this time, she will sell Episode 42 base items and is also the one stop shop for vendor-bought base items from Episode 30 to now.

Feature Update: Omnibus & Early End Game

To further address feedback on stat scaling in the Omnibus, we've taken the following additional measures:

  • Normal mode EEG now has full stat piercing, which was formerly only reserved for Elite mode EEG.
  • Elite mode EEG now scales players down to +20 Combat Rating (up from +15).
  • Players being scaled up in Elite Mode EEG are now scaled an additional +10 Combat Rating.
  • Elite mode EEG now has the Early End Game buff. Unlike in Normal mode, players get full access to the buff, without any requirements on their team.
  • Down-scaled Combat Rating was fixed for Tier 6 (the latest) EEG content: it is now 337 for non-Elite mode content and 342 for Elite mode content.
  • Reduced the jump in Combat Rating between bosses to just +2 in Elite mode EEG. This includes reducing the starting NPC level for Elite content with fewer than 3 bosses, such as Fractured God Sphere in Tier 6.
  • Down-scaled players in Elite mode EEG may now block to heal.

New Feature: Trinket Base Dispenser

With this requested feature, you will be able to store your Orbital Strike, Supply Drop, Sidekick, and Henchmen trinkets in your Base Dispenser. Inventories rejoice!

  • NOTE: Any existing trinket of the types listed above must be equipped (again or for the first time) after today's update for it to appear in the new system. That allows the Base Dispenser to know you own this item.
  • If there was a feat attached to the item and you have previously deleted the item after obtaining the feat, you will automatically see that item in your Dispenser, too.
  • The items you get from the Dispenser function the same but are technically new items that do not count towards feats AND are now account bound, so you can obtain and pass along the trinkets to your alts.
  • Moving forward, any new trinket you obtain, once you equip it and get the bind on equip prompt, will automatically qualify to appear in your Dispenser.


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