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New in the Marketplace: Additional Inventory & More!


Along with the rest of the caps raised in today's quality of life game update (more amenities per-base, more armories per-base, inventory items stacking to 99), we have ALSO finally been able to increase the maximum size of your inventories, banks, and shared banks. 

We have doubled the number of extra inventory, bank, and shared bank slots that are purchasable through the Marketplace.

  • For inventory, this means you can now purchase up to 24 additional rows of inventory space. 
  • For your characters' banks, this means you can now purchase up to 16 additional rows of bank space. 
  • And, for shared bank, this means you can now purchase up to 4 additional rows of shared bank space. 
This has been a long requested improvement from a large swath of players, and we're happy to be able now to accommodate these increases. Collect all the things, bring ALL your trinkets with you wherever you go, and enjoy. 

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