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New Qwardian Time Capsule!

The Anti-Monitor is invading earth with help from Qward, but Heroes and Villains are fighting back, with a little help from the one and only Booster Gold. Available today, the new Qwardian Time Capsule is now available to earn and unlock in-game. 

Want to know more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule? Visit our guide!


Every Qwardian Time Capsule contains some items from the general list, including R&D Exobytes, complex materials, mainframe access bots, Soder Ultimates, and collections. They may also contain an ultra-rare new trinket that summons Qwardian Back-Up/Henchmen! 

Each Time Capsule also includes one of four sub-capsules, or boxes, that can contain the following items or collection pieces that result in them:

Qwardian Guard's Gear

Inspired by Qward and the Qwardians that guard it, Qwardian Guard's Gear can be collected in pieces from the Qwardian Time Capsule. When consumed, the pieces will be level-appropriate to your character, so if you want to trade them, make sure you do it before you attune them!

In addition to the regular Qwardian Guard's Gear, you can also upgrade your style to the Enhanced Qwardian Guard's Gear, a similar but more impressive style. This is done by collecting enough of the gear and Antimatter Motes. 

Qwardian Mods

New Tactical Mods are available in the new capsule. These mods fit into the head slot and restore 3% of your Power when using specific abilities. You can remove these mods using the Tactical Mod Removal Kit for 20 Marks of Victory.

Zodiac Emblems

The capsule offers twelve new emblems representing the Zodiac signs, fitting for an anniversary event. Collect them all and unlock feats! Like the Qwardian Guard's gear, you can also upgrade the emblems to emissive versions using recipes and Antimatter Motes. Do you know your Zodiac sign?

Qwardian Provisions

You’ll need to finish collections from the Qwardian Time Capsules in order to get your hands on these three styles: the Citrine Misted Aura, the Corrupted Aura, and the Void Material. 


The Qwardian Time Capsule is now dropping in the game and in the new Anniversary event

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