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Resurgence Returns with Powerset Materials!


The Resurgence Mega-Capsule returns today with all-new materials inspired by DCUO's Powersets!

The Mega-Capsule will begin dropping in-game on September 12, 2018 (opened with Stabilizers) AND at the same time will become available for purchase directly in the Marketplace. Catch up on past Time Capsules, take advantage of the discount, and collect any of 17 ALL-NEW materials. 

Plus, what's this Second Chance vendor?! Read on for details!



For those who might not remember or who weren't here for the first Resurgence Mega-Capsule, this Mega-Capsule includes NINE of our past Time Capsules, already unlocked and ready to be opened. This time, the included Time Capsules are #3 through #11 (listed below). 

Additionally, the Resurgence Mega-Capsule comes with the Powerset Material Reward Box, which randomly includes one of the following all-new MATERIALS, inspired by the powersets in DC Universe Online. 

Each dropped Resurgence Mega-Capsule can be opened using 7 Stabilizers OR you can purchase the Resurgence Mega-Capsule directly in the Marketplace for 700 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox). There is no difference between the dropped version and the Marketplace version, so you can go ahead and choose whichever method is most convenient for you.

To recap, you will get $9 worth of unlocked Time Capsules PLUS the Powerset Material Reward Box for just 700 Daybreak/Marketplace Cash or 7 Stabilizers. Here's what that looks like:

  • 1 Unlocked Qwardian Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Team-Up Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Time-Torn Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Arcane Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Gotham Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Notorious Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Paradox Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Assassin Time Capsule
  • 1 Unlocked Kryptonian Time Capsule
  • BONUS: 1 Powerset Material Reward Box

These nine unlocked Time Capsules include everything that the original locked and dropped versions included, with updated drop structures to match the most recent Time Capsules' choice-loot method. 

Head to this guide for a refresher on what comes in each capsule.




The Powerset Material Reward Box will include one random material from the 17 listed below. Powerset Materials are all brand new and can be traded.

  • Scorching Material (Fire)
  • Arctic Material (Ice)
  • Terrestrial Material (Earth)
  • Furious Material (Rage)
  • Nuclear Material (Atomic)
  • Enigmatic Material (Mental)
  • Mechanized Material (Gadgets)
  • Glowing Material (Light, Willpower)
  • Sinister Material (Light, Fear)
  • Temporal Material (Quantum)
  • Watchful Material (Munitions)
  • Wild Material (Nature)
  • Mystical Material (Sorcery)
  • Glorious Material (Celestial, Blessed)
  • Wicked Material (Celestial, Cursed)
  • Sparking Material (Electricity)
  • Surging Material (Water)


Wicked Material (Celestial, Cursed), Glorious Material (Celestial, Blessed), Mystical Material (Sorcery)


Terrestrial Material (Earth), Nuclear Material (Atomic), Temporal Material (Quantum)


Arctic Material (Ice), Scorching Material (Fire)


Mechanized Material (Gadgets), Enigmatic Material (Mental), Watchful Material (Munitions)


Glowing Material (Light, Willpower), Furious Material (Rage), Sinister Material (Light, Fear)


Surging Material (Water), Wild Material (Nature), Sparking Material (Electricity)




Booster Gold is the hero we deserve, and he's back to save the day. You may have noticed that the first two Time Capsules (Time Capsule I and Amazon Time Capsule) are not included in this Resurgence Mega-Capsule. They are still available to trade from other players in-game, of course, but what if you still haven't found that special item you want? Enter Booster Gold and his Second Chance Vendor.

Booster Gold can now be found in your HQ, standing right next to the existing Quark Vendor. Like the Quark Vendor, he too is selling items for Quarks: items from the first two Time Capsules! 

Remember, Quarks are the currency found in any and all Time Capsules and can be then spent at the Quark Vendor and now at Booster Gold's Second Chance Vendor for a wide variety of items, and that members get a 10% discount. The Second Chance Vendor is a permanent addition to the game. 


So log in starting September 12, 2018, and look for the new Resurgence Mega-Capsule dropping everywhere in-game, or head to the Marketplace to purchase the Resurgence Mega-Capsule. The marketplace and in-game Resurgence Mega Capsules will only be available through October 9, 2018.

Which new Powerset Material do you want the most?


Resurgence Mega-Capsule begins September 12, 2018, and ends October 9, 2018. The Resurgence Mega-Capsule is account bound. The items found inside are tradeable. If unopened, dropped Resurgence Mega-Capsules will expire after 14 days.



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