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The Resurgence Mega Capsule is Back!


Resurgence is back starting September 9, 2021, and we have again packed in the maximum resurgenciness. Look for all-new Mearcian Flame Capes, items from past Resurgence Mega Capsules, and one each of Time Capsules 13-21.  

The Resurgence Mega Capsule drops in-game from any defeated enemy (opened with Stabilizers) AND is also available for purchase directly in the Marketplace. Catch up on past Time Capsules and take advantage of the bundle.

As usual, the Booster Gold Second Chance vendor has been updated, too. 



The best time to catch up on past Time Capsules is now ALSO the best time to catch up on past Resurgence Mega Capsules. What is this world?! This reality-warping, time & space-distorting, value-exploding capsule is back, but it's actually quite simple. Keep reading for details! 


Each dropped Resurgence Mega Capsule can be opened using 7 Stabilizers OR can be purchased directly in the Marketplace for 700 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox, NS). There is no difference between the dropped version and the Marketplace version, so you can go ahead and choose whichever method is most convenient for you.

To recap, you will get $9 worth of unlocked Time Capsules (9) PLUS the Mearcian Flame Cape Reward Box (explained below) for just 700 Daybreak/Marketplace Cash or 7 Stabilizers. Here's what that looks like:

  • Unlocked Atlantean Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Shazam! Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Dark Knights Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Dark Multiverse Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Oracle's Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Teen Titan's Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Flashpoint Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Knight of Vengeance Time Capsule
  • Unlocked Sixth Dimension Time Capsule
  • BONUS: Mearcian Flame Cape Reward Box

These nine unlocked Time Capsules include everything that the original locked and dropped versions included. 

Head to this guide for a refresher on what comes in each capsule.



The Mearcian Flame Cape Reward Box continues what began is our previous mega capsule: opening the box presents you with a choice between three items randomly pulled from three different sets of rewards. These three options are:

  1. One of the new Mearcian Flame Capes
  2. One Legacy Chroma or Material from any of the previous Resurgence Mega Capsules
  3. One Legacy Aura or Accessory from any of the previous Resurgence Mega Capsules

The Mearcian Flame Capes choice includes these eight new back items:

  • White Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Tech Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Red Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Purple Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Green Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Gold Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Cool Mearcian Flame Cape
  • Black Mearcian Flame Cape

The Chroma or Material choice includes one of 50+ previous rewards:

  • Legacy Powerset Materials
  • Legacy Powerset Chromas
  • Legacy Neon Chromas

The Aura or Accessory choice includes one of 40+ previous rewards:

  • Legacy Powerset Auras
  • Legacy Resurgence Accessories

Refresh your memory on these past rewards with our Time Capsules guide.


Reminder: Sets of Chromas can be traded, but once opened the individual Chromas themselves cannot be traded. Each Chroma set includes three versions of the Chroma. Auras, Materials, and Accessories can be traded.


Mearcian Flame Capes: Green, Red, Purple, Black

Mearcian Flame Capes: Gold, Tech, Cool, White

Legacy Chromas

Legacy Auras

Legacy Materials

Legacy Accessories

Legacy Accessories



The Booster Gold Second Chance Vendor has been updated to include items from the Cursed Time Capsule and the Kryptonian Time Capsule. Look for Booster Gold in the House of Legends in the central hub. His items are available for Quarks. Remember, Quarks are the currency found in any and all Time Capsules. 


Log in beginning September 9, 2021, to get your new Resurgence Mega Capsule, dropping everywhere in-game and available in the Marketplace!


Resurgence Mega Capsule begins September 9, 2021. The Resurgence Mega Capsule is account bound. The items found inside are tradeable. If unopened, dropped Resurgence Mega Capsules will expire after 14 days.


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