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Save The Universe!

Save The Universe Finale (Available November 18, 2021)

All three sets of Save the Universe content are back! Take your pick or play them all - Superman's, Batman's, and Wonder Woman's classics! All three will remain available until Episode 42: Legion of Doom launches this December. 



With Save The Universe, play classic content up-leveled to the latest end-game challenge and earn new rewards. 

During Episode 41: House of Legends, three sets of Save The Universe content will be available in turn, one for each of the trinity. Look for Save the Universe in the new On Duty menu to see everything available. Each piece of content offers an event version (the original instance with extra Save the Universe rewards), normal version, and elite version. 

To get started, look for "Call to Save the Universe" in your journal, then visit Rip Hunter in the House of Legends. Don't forget to pick up your daily and weekly missions, "Perpetual Preparation" and "Save the Universe."


Superman Classics (Available August 25-September 15, 2021)

Superman needs your help to see Lois through the Science Spire (solo), investigate a disturbance in the Phantom Zone (alert), and defend the Fortress of Solitude's Power Core (raid).

Batman Classics (Available September 16-October 20, 2021)

Batman needs your help to investigate the Iceberg Lounge (solo), set his timeline straight in Family Reunion (alert), and defend his Batcave's Inner Sanctum (raid). 

Wonder Woman Classics (Available October 21-November 17, 2021)

Wonder Woman needs your help to restore the Underworld in Raising Hades (duo), settle the civil war in Themyscira Divided (alert), and face Ares in Throne of the Dead (raid).


These Save The Universe events are available for limited times but, don't worry, Save The Universe will return.  

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