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Save the Universe 2023

Save The Universe 2023

The universe is unraveling and old threats are new again. Travel back (or is it forward?) in time to play up-leveled and updated classic adventures!

  • Choose between event (the original), normal, and elite versions of each Save the Universe instance
  • Use the On Duty menu to queue up for the content in the Save the Universe category
  • Collect new styles, feats, and rewards!

Content Set 1 (August 10-23, 2023)

  • 2-Player: Raising Hades Duo
  • 4-Player: Themyscira Divided Alert
  • 8-Player: God of Monsters Raid

Content Set 2 (August 24-September 6, 2023)

  • 2-Player: Pub Crawl Duo
  • 4-Player: Darkness Rising Alert
  • 8-Player: Fellowship of the Arcane Raid

Both sets of Save the Universe content will also return together from September 7-20, 2023.

New Feats!

  • Get Ripped
  • I Call That Mercy





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