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New Ally: Shazam!

Ally: Shazam!

Call upon the champion of magic, Shazam!


Bolt of Zeus
[Combat Ability]
Fires a lightning bolt that chains between targets, healing up to 4 allies for a percentage of their maximum Health and damaging and Electrifying up to 4 enemies.
At Max Affinity Level:

  • (10) +403% damage, 60% heal

The Power of Shazamily
[Passive Ability]
Calling down an ally gives a percentage boost to Might and Precision for 30 seconds.
At Max Affinity Level:

  • (10) +6% Might, +3% Precision

Purity of Heart
[Passive Ability] [Healer Role]
Using a weapon attack gives a Restoration boost of 1% that stacks up to a max. The stack goes away once a priority or group heal is cast. Cooldown: 0.5 seconds.
At Max Affinity Level:

  • (10) Max Stacks: 25


Connect with Shazam in-game through Cyborg in the House of Legends, or look for him in the Marketplace beginning January 5, 2023.


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