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Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Time Capsule

Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Time Capsule

What is the Sixth Dimension? Learn more about it and its Superman through the styles of the new Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Time Capsule! This capsule can be unlocked with Stabilizers or purchased directly in the Marketplace. Stabilizers can be earned in-game or purchased in the Marketplace. 

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule - or what is in previous Time Capsules - check out our helpful guide!

Learn more about Time Capsule contents and rarities.


Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Gear Styles

Inspired by the Sixth Dimension's Superman, embrace your inner Kryptonian with elegance in this new gear suit. 

Remember, you will receive a random gear piece as a choice in your loot selection window for each Time Capsule you open. When consumed, the gear will become level-appropriate to your character. The Enhanced version of the gear will also appear in the loot selection window, and when consumed will also become level-appropriate to your character.   

Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Gear Styles


Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Collection Rewards

Complete three collections to really amp up your Superman and Superboy game. Look for the Kerchief Accessory, Freedom Mullet, and Super Rebellious Jacket. These styles are earned through collections, which will appear as a choice in the loot selection window for each Time Capsule. 

Kerchief Accessory, Super Rebellious Jacket, Freedom Mullet


Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Emblems

Kryptonian houses all have emblems that represent who they are or where they came from. This selection will let you "join a house" or adopt one of theirs as your own.



Each capsule opened has a chance to reward the special Dimensional Chroma Pack. And, take home the Superman Doll accessory after opening 15 Time Capsules. 


AVAILABLE June 9, 2021!

The Sixth Dimension Kryptonian Time Capsule launches June 9, 2021! Log in and unlock yours!


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