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Spring Seasonal Event

Spring Seasonal Event

Spring is in the air! Poison Ivy is back to wreak havoc on the people of Gotham City! We’ve added four new Feats, new bee-themed Base items, chromas and style items.

Collect Seed Pods and purchase Spring items from “Arborist Louis” next to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower or “The Misgiving Tree” next to Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom.

Villains can learn more about Poison Ivy’s plans by speaking to her in the Hall of Doom’s Pit, while Heroes can speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area to help bring down Ivy and her minions. Speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing.

Level Requirement: 10

New Feats!

  • Leader of the Swarm
  • Buzz About Town
  • Just Bee Yourself
  • Building a Hive


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