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Static, Chemo, and More!

Dive back into Episode 45: Shock to the System with new content today!


Open World Boss: Chemo

DeSaad's horrendous experiments at the site of the Big Bang have re-created the creature known as Chemo. Halt its rampage across Dakota City for Black Lightning!

New Feats to earn, including:

  • Radio-Inactivity
  • Organic Chemo-stry
  • My Chemo-cal Romance


New Ally: Call upon the hero of Dakota City to aid you in combat, Static!

  • Summon him during combat to hurl exploding projectiles at your foes while defending you with a shield made of scrap
  • Use his Static Surge ability to increase your Critical Healing when Polarizing enemies
  • Use his Electric Overcharge to increase your Critical Ability and Weapon chance when using a Supercharge


8-Player: Shock to the System: The Terrorium

  • Elite Plus now available!


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