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Survival Mode

Survival Mode Season 3

Queue up for Titan’s Training Sim in the Events tab to challenge yourself against the most difficult battles DCUO has ever seen. 30 rounds of challenge await, if you can survive. Each round consists of two waves of minions and one boss at the end of the waves.

Earn Auras, Style Items, Pets, Orbitals, and Henchmen. Earn Data Chips after defeating each boss. Every 5 rounds will increase the amount of Data Chips awarded from bosses. This currency can be used at both the Survival Mode Vendor and the Survival Mode Season Vendor for unique item rewards.

Season 3 is extra special in that it is the first-ever 6-person group content. What new strategies await?


  • 6 Players
  • Minimum CR: 350
  • Recommended CR: 356

New Feats

  • Just Getting Started
  • Magnetic Personality
  • Dimensional Fink
  • Rokking It
  • Krypt-phony-an
  • I am Legion
  • 6d, 7d... Whatever It Takes


Play the new Survival Mode August 11-September 21, 2022!



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