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New Wonderverse Mission & Feats


In Wonderverse, a collapsing multiverse has thrown Themysciras from many universes into chaos.

Even though the fight to restore these worlds rages on, Circe and Cheetah cannot stand idly by when there are FIVE Wonder Women on the job. They are back, and they are here to cause as much trouble as they can. 



Look for Circe's Panthemonium, a new mission from a statue in Patchwork Themyscira's hub, and then set out to battle the World Bosses. During each boss (Murk, Ares, Athena, and Steppenwolf/Kalibak - and NOT Hydra), look for Circe to arrive in the battle's chaos. She has a trick up her sleeve that might leave you, well, surrounded by Bestiamorphs if you're not careful.

There are new feats and a title for destroying the Sisyphean Stones she summons. 



Staying clear of Circe and the larger battles, Cheetah is lurking in the shadows in Patchwork Themyscira. Find her and stop her before her plans can come to fruition!

There is a new feat and title for finding Cheetah. 



New content means new rewards! Look for Zeus' Fury Aura on the Wonderverse vendor, and look for modular versions of the aura dropping from the world bosses (excluding Hydra). PLUS, look for the new Henchmen Uplink Device: Circe Bestiamorphs, also dropping from the world bosses.



The mission, feats, and rewards launch October 16, 2020, are permanent additions to the game. 

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