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Server Consolidation: US and EU Xbox One

On December 14, 2016, the US and EU Xbox One servers will be consolidated into one server based in North America. After the consolidation, players from all regions on Xbox One will all play together throughout the game, including in On Duty and open world content, groups, and leagues. 

Xbox One Name Consolidation

Outstanding character name conflicts (duplicates) between the US and EU servers must be resolved. 

If there is a character name conflict, one player will keep the name and the other will be renamed to Name_US or Name_EU. The renamed character will receive a Character Rename Token. We will determine which character is renamed based on the following criteria:

  • Active Character
    • A character active in the last 90 days will keep its name over a character inactive in the last 90 days
    • If both characters are active or if both characters are inactive, continue to contributing character
  • Contributing Character
    • A character on an account that has spent money in support of the game will keep its name over a character on an account that has never contributed (free)
    • If both accounts have contributed or if neither account has contributed, continue to oldest character
  • Oldest Character
    • The character with the earliest creation date will keep its name over a younger character

There will be global server downtime on December 14, 2016, as we perform the consolidation, and we will share more information closer to the date. 

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