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Game Update 115

New Booster Bundle

World of Flashpoint

  • New Feats can be obtained on the World of Flashpoint in all of the content: Open World, Duo, Alert, and both Raids for Normal and Elite Mode
  • A new weekly mission can be obtained in Flashpoint Gotham from Dr. Sarah Charles


  • Booster Gold, Sinestro, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart have had their models and textures refreshed


  • Items no longer display clamped stats in their tooltips
    • They will always display their unclamped stats, so players can more easily determine what is an upgrade
  • All open episode On Duty boss loot locks have been updated to match membership values as we begin the transition to free episodes
  • Various Marketplace consumables that previously stacked to 100 now stack to 999


  • All Vendors now offer the ability to repair

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