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Game Update 124

Spring Seasonal Event

Spring is in the air! Poison Ivy is back to wreak havoc on the people of Gotham City! The Springtime event returns with new Base Items, Feats, and Styles. Collect Seed Pods and visit The Giving Tree (Heroes) or The Misgiving Tree (Villains) in the House of Legends for the latest Spring items. Level Requirement: 20

New Feats!

  • Swamp Bling
  • I’m All Ears
  • Speaking for the Trees

Check out the Doctor Fate vendor for additional Spring Seasonal Auras, available only during the Spring Seasonal event!


Episode 43: Dark Knights

Elite Plus

  • Elite Plus versions of the Return to Earth 3 alert and of The Source Wall raid are now available, featuring further challenge and reward.
  • Look for these Elite Plus versions in your On-Duty menu in their own queues alongside their Event, Normal, and Elite versions.


  • Fixed issue causing some players to be unable to use the Case of 5 Death Metal.
  • Updated and polished the list of things you can find in crates in the Artifacts mission Government Warehouse.

Open World: Death Metal Washington DC

  • The LexCorp Crate which grants one of the weekly bonus missions should no longer go missing.

Dark Knights: New Apolokolips

  • Brimstone's Source Eruption and volcanoes should no longer overlap.
  • Darkfather's Pistol attack should allow a little more time for players to attempt to interrupt him.

Dark Knights: Return to Earth 3

  • Updated some feat strings to say (Elite or Elite Plus) when they can be completed in either version.
  • Added a slight delay before Superwoman hits stunned target with her heat vision.
  • Fixed a case where Superwoman's Fire Field would appear beneath a player but the damage would be applied at her location.

Dark Knights: The Source Wall

  • Added a slight delay to the damage being applied by source cracks eruption.
  • Added a slight delay during the tell to Devastator's jump attack.
  • Improved tracking for Isn't Apex Enough feats

Daily Rewards

  • Corrected the name for the back item from Gliderpack to Sheathed Scythe.

M.E.R.C.Y. Amazotron Matrix

  • Fixed 3% Might and Precision scaling to extend to ranks 120-199 instead of previous behavior of 120-159

Elite Rallies

  • Changed it so Elite content has 2 rallies now and player revive at 20 percent health no matter where they revive at in an Elite instance.
  • Elite Plus has the old standard of 1 rally and player revive at 10 percent health.
  • Changed it so EEG Elite content has 4 rallies now and player revive at 30 percent health no matter where they revive at in an Elite instance.


  • Fixed an issue across multiple Grasping Hand attacks in the game. Damage over time will not be applied to anyone if they are not stunned by the attack first.
  • This addresses issues with Onimar Syn and Brimstone, wherever used in the game.


  • When clicking between the Allies and Region map options from the PDA menu, the "undefined" strings should now not display on either.
  • The Membership button will no longer stay highlighted when focused while using a controller in the daily rewards menu.

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