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Game Update 128

Game Update 128

New Seasonal: Homecoming

The fight to save Starfire’s Homecoming just needs the life of the party: you! Save Titans Tower from Blackfire’s party-crashing antics and kick back with some fun and games!

The Homecoming event arrives with new Base Items, Feats, and Styles. Collect Prize Tickets and visit the Homecoming Vendor in the House of Legends for the latest rewards.

Journey to Titans Island and take part in new Open World carnival games to earn Prize Tickets

Prize Tickets allow you to purchase Homecoming seasonal rewards or other advanced items from seasonal in-game vendors and is available to use only during the event.

New Feats!

  • Boulder Badger
  • Bounced
  • Bully Bowler
  • Carny D.I.Y.
  • Dance of No Deaths
  • Nearly Pacifist Party
  • Non-Me-Blast
  • Party Saver
  • Party Starts Now
  • Perfect Scores
  • Sensational Shooter
  • Straight Shooter
  • Superior Shooter
  • Syl'Khee Smooth
  • Tiptop Tosser
  • To Free or Not to Free
  • Tower Security Sweeper

New Alert – Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower

Starfire had invited you to the Homecoming Party that the rest of the Titans are throwing for her, but now Cyborg is calling asking for help dealing with reported security issues that’ve come up at the party in Titan’s Tower.


  • Ally Favor drops now require character has completed "Call for Allies"
  • Nubia: Updated Amazonian Honor tooltip to mention trigger on defeating an enemy

Character Select

  • Changed the Character Select Screen to default to Gotham for new players

Fate Vendor

  • Doctor Fate vendor now sells Batman Day T-shirt styles

On Duty

  • Fixed a bug where non-leader players would not receive rewards for completing a Playlist if they joined a Custom Play Queue first
  • All players should now receive credit when completing a Playlist

Open World

  • Added a trigger when an open world event begins at players’ location

Time Capsules

  • Time Capsules now require character level 10

Video Settings

  • PlayStation and Xbox now use a higher setting for Character Detail and Shadow Detail (previously Normal)
  • Removed the "High" option from the UI from World Detail, as it was identical to Normal
  • Character Detail
    • Now affects Pedestrians
    • Doubled the distance that character shadows render
    • Doubled the distance that characters' hair, capes, and auras render
    • Distance-based detail now uses the distance from the player's camera, rather than distance from the player's character
      • Tweaked all distance scaling to account for the slightly higher average distance due to this change
    • Increased the amount of non-cape cloth physics allowed on characters near the player

Warp Menu

  • Players can now warp to their League Hall using the Warp Menu

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