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Game Update 130

Scorecard Feats UI

Bring up your scorecard inside any instance and head to the new Feats tab. Now you can review the feats obtainable in that instance and your progress towards completing them.

Allies UI

The Allies UI has been updated and streamlined. Quickly review, level up, and equip your allies with improved controls and safeguards. Never overfeed your ally again!

On Duty Menu: Various fixes and improvements!

  • Fixed a bug where controllers (not the role) could not navigate the iconic selection list.
  • Players can select an instance for a run with a single click or button press now.
  • Improved gamepad navigation. The Triangle (PS), Y (Xbox/PC), and X (Switch) - or the 'upper' of your main buttons, now starts queue or readies up in Custom Play.
  • Playlists are now independent from individually selected content. Playlists are now shown as their own elements under selected runs. Players will not be able to remove individual selections that a playlist is queued for, and instead must remove the entire playlist.
  • Deserter status should now be shown to the entire group.
  • Content in the Quickplay screen can be unlocked as they could be before.
  • Selected Runs will no longer persist upon logging out. However, they will still persist after closing and opening the UI.
  • Queuing for a Quickplay Playlist will no longer erase Runs manually selected from Custom Play.

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