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Game Update 90

Multiplayer Race Swimming Seahorse Challenge!

A new race has finally arrived in DCUO with the Multiplayer Race Swimming Seahorse Challenge! Located on the large bridge in the middle of the Atlantis Open World area, this exciting new race will let you form-change into a seahorse and race through the streets of Atlantis in a battle to get the best time! Completing the race will award you an item from a new collection pulled from the depths of Atlantis, which has a special surprise once completed!

Atlantean Time Capsule!

The wonders of Atlantis continue with the exciting new Atlantean Time Capsule, now dropping everywhere in-game! This new Time Capsule features a strapping new Primeval set, inspired by Atlanna, a Commander’s Harpoon Hand style inspired by Murk, mysterious new emblems with “animating” enhanced versions, a new “Bubbles” movement style, as well as exciting new materials, collections, and feats.

Time Capsules are opened with Stabilizers, which can be purchased in the marketplace or assembled in-game from Stabilizer Fragments. Check the events tab of your On Duty menu for “Stabilizer Fragmentation,” the daily Stabilizer event.

Atlantean Lair Theme

The regal and awe-inspiring style of Atlantis can now be yours with the Atlantian Lair theme, now available on the Marketplace! Enjoy breathtaking underwater views and deck out your Lair with themed amenities! The Atlantean Lair Theme is not affected by changes made to the Color Menu in Decoration Mode. Requires the Lair System to use.

Style UI – Materials

  • We've revamped the Materials Panel in the Style UI to make it easier to view all of your collected materials, and improved the process by which materials are loaded into the three available slots.


  • Balloon Wings should now apply color correctly.

Winter Seasonal 2018

  • The “North Pole Fragment” Collection Item for the new “Polar Energy” Collection is now available on the Skeets’ Workshop vendor.

Loading Screens

  • New art is now featured on the loading screens.


  • Reduced damage from Batman and Robin’s Block Breaker.

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