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Game Update 95

Survival Mode: Season 1

Queue up for Titan’s Training Sim in the Events tab to challenge yourself against the most difficult battles DCUO has ever seen. 30 rounds of challenge await, if you can survive. Each round consists of two waves of three minions and one boss at the end of the waves.

Earn new Materials, Auras, Base Items, Style Items, Orbitals and Pets. There is a new currency specific to Survival Mode called Data Chips, which are granted after defeating a round boss. Every 5 rounds increases the amount of Data Chips awarded from bosses. This currency can be used at both the Survival Mode Vendor and the Survival Mode Season Vendor for unique item rewards.


  • 4 Players
  • Combat Rating
    • Minimum: 253
    • Recommended: 260

Tutorial Revamp

Join Superman or Lex Luthor as you make your way through Brainiac’s ship. Escape Brainiac’s forces as you learn how to use your powers in a more streamlined experience.

Universal Messaging System (UMS)

We added new announcement and tutorial screens to the game. These screens will teach elements of the game, announce new events, and replace the Welcome Screen on live. Keep an eye out for them!

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