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Introducing: Amazon Time Capsule

Booster Gold seems to have been digging around the gods’ realms for the latest Time Capsule items. With the launch of Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III, the old Time Capsules will no longer be dropping in game. Instead, the new Amazon Time Capsules will be found!

Want to know more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule? Visit our guide!


On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, we showed off the new Amazon Time Capsule on a livestream. Missed the show? You can watch the replay now:

Read on for more details about the items coming in the Amazon Time Capsules!


Each Amazon Time Capsule will contain some items for the general list, including Exobytes, complex materials, mainframe access bots, Soder Ultimates, and collections. Also keep an eye out for one special item in the general list that you may be lucky enough to roll for: Zeus’ Heavenly Lightning Amulet. This trinket allows you to shoot down bolts of lightning from the sky, just like Zeus. I wonder what happens if you actually try it on Olympus…

The following items are included inside separate capsules or boxes that may be inside each Amazon Time Capsule:

Shim’Tar Regalia

Inspired by Artemis, the Shim’Tar Regalia can be collected in pieces from the Amazon Time Capsule. When consumed, the pieces will be level-appropriate to your character, so don’t attune them if you want to trade them!

In addition to the regular Shim’Tar Regalia, you can upgrade your pieces to the Divine Shim’Tar Regalia set using collected recipes and Unbreakable Motes. Wearing Shim’Tar Regalia and Divine Shim’Tar Regalia will trigger godly favors drops in Amazon Fury Part III.

Amazon Mods

New Amazon Tactical Mods are available in the new capsule for the neck, chest, and back slots. Each mod comes with a special bonus.

You can remove these mods using the Tactical Mod Removal Kit for 20 Marks of Victory.

Greek God Emblems

When you collect certain items in the Amazon Time Capsule, you’ll be able to obtain new Emblems inspired by the Greek Gods. Collecting emblems, like many special items in the Time Capsules, grant feats as well! Like the Shim’Tar Regalia, you have the ability to upgrade your emblems to emissive versions using recipes and Unbreakable Motes.

Amazon Provisions

You’ll need to finish collections from the Amazon Time Capsules in order to get your hands on one of these three special items: Crown of Hades, Amethyst Misted Aura, and the new Phoenix Material, which allows you to give any piece of gear a glowing orange fire-like appearance.

The Amazon Provisions box is also where you’ll find Unbreakable Motes, a component used for creating the Divine Regalia and upgraded Emblems.


The Amazon Time Capsule will begin dropping in game with the launch of Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III.


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