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Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III Now Available!

The Amazon Fury trilogy began with Episode 10. Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, seemed to have gone mad as she aligned herself with Circe. Wonder Woman rallied an army together to help fight for Themyscira. In Episode 13, the Amazonian war spread from the mortal realm into the divine as everyone sought to uncover what was really happening with Hippolyta and Hades.

Which brings us to today, and the launch of Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III! Return to battle-torn Gotham City, descend into the Underworld, face impossible trials, and – if you’re worthy – find yourself ascending to Olympus in this stunning conclusion of an epic trilogy!

Before heading into battle, take a few moments and make sure you’re prepared by reading up these reveals and updates about Amazon Fury Part III:

Think you know everything you’ll need to know? Head into game now and fight to the finish in this trilogy’s finale!


Members have immediate access to Episode 27, and all other episodes. Not a member? Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III is now available in the Marketplace, or you can become a member today.

Amazon Fury III


With the launch of Amazon Fury Part III, the new Amazon Time Capsule will also begin dropping in game! See what’s included, and learn more about Time Capsules, in our updated guide!

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