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A Community For Everyone

Hello heroes and virtual villains. Today I am here to talk to everyone about the importance of a civil community and a new, easier way you can help us combat toxic behavior and unfair play.


A Community For Everyone


The DCUO community is enormous and diverse. We have people from all walks of life, people from most countries and cultures across the world, people young and old, people who have been here for years and people who joined us yesterday.

Every person should feel welcome and comfortable here, and every person is responsible for upholding this ideal. And this is important. A community's health is one of the most telling indicators of a game's longevity - our game is our community. Most of us are welcoming to others, helpful to new and veteran players alike, and here to enjoy this DC fantasy with their friends. 

However, not everyone bothers with acting decently and some people even purposefully go out of their way to act indecently, to cause harm.

Usually these players act out in the game, but also across the DCUO communication channels and beyond. The impact is far-reaching, their loudness disproportionately representing us, their behavior frustrating us, their presence separating us from each other. 

Ultimately, we want everyone in our community to treat everyone else with excellence. Targeted harassment, hate speech, and inciting toxicity (as well as cheating and exploitation) are all things that we take seriously. These things do not belong in our community. We need your help.


Report Cheaters and Toxic Behavior


To help us combat poor behavior, we have new, faster, easier options to send us reports. You can now send an email directly to these addresses:


Emailing either of these addresses will allow you to report players for breaking the CODE OF CONDUCT or TERMS OF SERVICE, is much faster and easier than opening a support ticket, and allows you to provide evidence more easily.

When we receive your email, a special kind of ticket is automatically opened in our system which will help us investigate and take action (as appropriate) in a very efficient way. We will not respond directly to your email or communicate what actions were taken.


Please be sure to include as much of the following information as you can:

  • Character Name
  • Date and Time
  • Links to videos or screenshots (but please do not attach files to the email)
  • Brief description of the behavior


In DCUO, you should be focused on saving the world from Super-Villains gone mad, galactic threats, and everything in between - and not on toxic, cheating, or otherwise unsafe players. With your help, we can all do better. 

Mepps, Senior Community Manager



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