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Removing Episodes for Sale

As of today, we no longer sell episodes for DC Universe Online. Individual episodes, the episode bundles, and the Ultimate Edition have been removed from our web store, our console partners' stores, and the in-game Marketplace.

We previously confirmed that we plan to stop selling episodes, make episodes free to all players, and update membership benefits before our next major release this summer. This is the first part of that plan.

Originally, we did intend to make these changes all at once. However, after review and feedback, we decided to change course to make sure no one feels unfairly treated if they were to purchase an episode that is soon after made free.

What does this mean for you specifically? For now and the next months:

  • If you subscribe to membership, there are no changes.
  • If you have purchased episodes previously, there are no changes. You still have full access to those episodes.
  • If you have not purchased episodes, you will not be able to. 

 If you are in that third group, remember that:

  • Open Episodes continues. This means everyone can play any episode and progress.
  • Episode 40: World of Flashpoint is free by default, with high-level, end-game versions and with level-agnostic event versions for everyone.

And just as a final note, the core of this transition plan remains intact. Episodes will become entirely free and membership will see an update before our next major release. 


Power Bundle

With today's changes, the Power Bundle now includes Water (power), Shield (weapon), and Skimming (movement mode). New purchases will immediately include access to these features. If you previously purchased the Power Bundle, you will receive access to these features over the next week. 


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