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10th Anniversary Producer's Letter

10 Years of DC Universe Online

Hello and happy anniversary! Before I get into the news, I want to thank everyone for supporting us through this year and in these challenging times. It warms my heart that we have been able to get through the last year together, and that DCUO has been a place of connection and normalcy in an increasingly disconnected and chaotic world.

As you know, this year isn't just our anniversary - this is our 10 year anniversary - so with thanks and celebration, we have rolled out a ton of FREE gifts through the end of the month, including a new CR290 character advance. Just log in before January 31st to claim your gifts, and enjoy with our appreciation. 

Remember also that the anniversary event is already live, and it is bigger and better than ever for this momentous occasion. The open world has been entirely redone, and the team has put together what I think is one of our very best raids: the Speed Force Flux event raid and elite raid. Make sure to check it out!


Looking back, we have had an amazing 10 years, and it is thanks to the passion of everyone involved - of our players, our developers, our partners, and, yes, our vocal community who never let us rest and always push us to be better and do more. It takes every one of us and you, and the proof is in the last decade of adventures. 

Over those 10 years, we have launched DCUO on FIVE different platforms, released 39 episodes, over 100 game updates, and continually pushed the boundaries to improve our content, our systems, our art, our stories, and our tech in ways no one would have ever thought possible back in 2011. I want to position us so that we can continue that trend for another 10 years. 

Last year brought a lot of changes for the game and our studio, including rebranding as Dimensional Ink and our recent partnership with EG7. These developments also serve to set us up for another decade of DCUO, and I am incredibly excited about what's to come. While I won't be able to share the next decade's plans, I am here to share a bit about what's next in 2021.


The next episode is well underway and already starting to come together. In Episode 40, we'll use Flashpoint as a source of inspiration, matched with a more traditional content structure after several episodes focused on the new and different. More on that in the coming months.

Later in the year we will have our official PlayStation 5 native client launched, with a set of changes focused on how to make DCUO look and play best on that new platform. Additionally, we will be looking into how to further bring graphical improvements to the game to keep pace with modern hardware. While the options are many and details few right now, we expect to make a combination of art and engine improvements to really make the game shine.

When we get to mid-year, we will focus on how we can improve the game for new and returning players, to smooth out some of the rougher edges and better handle the vast amount of content 10 years tends to accumulate. We also have plans for a special piece of content you have long been surviving the wait for, and I am happy to say that we have expanded the team recently, hiring new allies with a focus on creating features and updates for the game.  


On a personal note, one of the best things about working on a game like DCUO is the sense of community it creates and how it grows over such a long period of time. The passion, the discussions, and the wonder never gets old. So thank you again for 10 years, and here’s to another 10 I know we will build and enjoy together. 

Landon “Panderus” Falls 
Senior Producer, DCUO

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