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Artifact Catalyst Consolidation

Hello and heads up!

Artifact Catalysts are numerous and, let's face it, confusing for many. We are up to 21 Catalysts and counting. Many things about the Artifact and Catalyst systems have changed since the original design where having so many made sense. So...


Artifact Catalyst Consolidation

With Game Update 97/Episode 35, we will consolidate Artifact Catalysts from the 21 you know down to just 3 you don't. Instead of needing different Catalysts for each breakthrough rank on your artifacts, you will need increasing numbers of just these new ones. 

  • Dionesium (Common Catalyst)
    • 7 Source Marks from John Constantine
  • Quantum Field Energy (Uncommon Catalyst)
    • 10 Source Marks from John Constantine
  • Paradox Energy (Rare Catalyst)
    • 15 Source Marks from John Constantine

Have a bunch of the existing Catalysts? Not a problem. Use them as normal for now, or wait for the consolidation in our next game update. After the update, you will be able to consume your Catalysts for 10 Source Marks (what they cost from Constantine), and then pick up the new ones.

Please also note that the existing Marketplace Catalyst packs have been removed and will be replaced with (many fewer) packs of the new Catalysts later on.


Let us know if you have any questions over on the official forums.

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