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Now Available: Artifacts!


Artifacts is an exciting new system that will allow you to further up your stats and effectiveness within DCUO, by collecting rare Artifact objects and fortifying them with Reagent items to rank them up. Players above level 20 will now have access to a new instance titled “Artifacts: Oblivion Bar” in the Events tab of the On Duty Menu. In this instance, tricky ol’ John Constantine himself will help guide you in getting started with these exciting new items.

Artifacts can be accessed through the new “Artifacts” tab in the Inventory menu, where Reagent items can be fed into them to raise their ranks until they reach milestone points. Once an Artifact reaches a milestone, players will need to use special Catalyst items to unlock the milestone and continue ranking up their Artifact.

Additional Artifacts and Reagents for them can be gathered by playing through instances, or from speaking with Constantine at his Vendor location in either the Watchtower or the Hall of Doom.

For more information, read this Development Update or check out the Artifacts guide. 

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Join the Artifacts discussion on the official forums.



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