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Development Update: Earth 3!



EARTH 3 is DCUO's next episode, launching November 15th, 2017! This episode will introduce the Crime Syndicate - Earth 3's evil version of the Justice League - and reunite the full cast of our Justice League for a set of epic new adventures set on our Earth and on theirs.

Before we talk about the episode's story and content itself, we want to take a moment to talk about its development and structure. With this episode, we are taking the fundamentals you've seen in episodes past and raising the bar. Put simply? Episode 30 is both an episode AND a major event. Keep reading for all the details!


  • Earth 3 is set on an alternate universe's version of Earth where good is evil and evil is good, and features the Crime Syndicate, including Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, and more.
  • Earth 3's content structure combines the best qualities of episodes (permanent and challenging content for end-game players) with the best qualities of events (level-agnostic and limited-time access for all players).
  • Earth 3's rewards combine the best qualities of episodes (permanent end-game progression) with the best qualities of events (limited time, level-agnostic progression).
  • Earth 3 launches for all players on November 15, 2017.



Hello DCUO! Episode 30: Earth 3 is a very special episode for the team here. NerdOfPrey will get to the story and content of the episode in a moment, but first we need to talk about what's changed overall in this episode's structure and development process.

We're raising the bar for episodes here with a better, targeted approach to creating content. We have enormous diversity in our player base - players of all types with all sorts of expectations - and in Episode 30, we wanted to have more freedom to design content specifically for more of these different kinds of players.

What does that mean? Earth 3 will have three different types or versions of content. You're used to seeing two versions - normal and elite. Additionally, this episode will also have an easier, stat-clamped version of all instances. The stat-clamped versions - essentially a Starro-sized major event - will launch alongside and in addition to the full episode, for all players over level 10, and will remain until Episode 31 launches next year.

To recap, we'll have:

  • Event Content (Easier, stat-clamped content that is accessible and available to all players level 10+)
  • End-Game Content (Regularly challenging content that is available to players CR 207+)
  • Elite Content (Highly challenging content that is intended for elite players CR 207+)

For example, here's what that looks like for Earth 3:

  • Open World
    • Version A: Event Content (Stat Clamped and For Everyone)
  • Duo & Alert
    • Version A: Event Content (Stat Clamped and For Everyone)
    • Version B: End-Game Content (For Players CR 207+)
  • Raids
    • Version A: Event Content (Stat Clamped and For Everyone)
    • Version B: End-Game Content (For Players CR 207+)
    • Version C: Elite Content (For Elite Players CR 207+)

By creating three versions of content instead of two, we are able to focus more specifically on the experience our different groups of players desire. The stat-clamped content is highly accessible (and of course open to players of any level), so it is a light, easy-going experience. The regular end-game version is more challenging, but still accessible to the majority of players.

Because we have these two easier options, this really freed us to ratchet up the difficulty in the elite version, where we have refocused our efforts on creating challenge through skill-based mechanics that have clear messaging, involve the whole group, and are absolutely devastating when failed. Elite players will be required to perform at the peak of possibility and work together to find victory. The team has really embraced this freedom and enjoyed designing to this new challenge, so we can't wait to see you tackle it head on.



Earth 3 has different versions of content at different levels of challenge, designed for different segments of the community. So, it only follows that the different versions of content will reward players differently to match. We want every player to find meaningful rewards in the version of content that they decide is right for them.

First, a few basics to get out of the way:

  1. Each version of the content will share loot locks.
    • This means you can choose which version interests you, but that you are not "forced" to run every version to maximize your rewards.
  2. The concept of elite progress points has been discontinued.
    • You're welcome.

Okay, with that out of the way, here is the overall rewards plan for the different types of content:

  • Event Content Rewards (Stat Clamped/For Everyone)
    • Rewards the standard amount of Ultrabucks
    • Open-world rewards OP item collections, but instances do not (feat required)
    • Has scaling gear drops that scale up to the entry level of Episode 30
    • Has feats
    • Has an event gear set on the episode vendor that:
      • Automatically scales to your level, up to the entry level of Episode 30
      • Has a new style (Johnny Quick!)
      • Has a style feat
      • Is the cheapest suit
      • When this suit has been completed, subsequent gear purchases of this suit are cheaper
  • End-Game Content Rewards (For Players CR207+)
    • Rewards the standard amount of Ultrabucks 
    • Can drop OP item collections (feat required)
    • Has standard scaling gear drops
    • Has more feats
    • Has an end-game gear set on the episode vendor that:
      • Is the best gear on vendor
      • Has a new style (Owlman!)
      • Has a style feat
      • Is the standard priced suit
      • When this suit has been completed, subsequent gear purchases of this suit AND the event suit are cheaper
  • Elite Content Rewards (For Elite Players CR207+)
    • Rewards more Ultrabucks currency + elite renown
    • Increased chance to drop OP item collections (feat required)
    • Has standard scaling gear drops
    • Has even more feats and a special headline
    • Has an elite gear set on the episode vendor that:
      • Requires renown
      • Is actually the best gear on vendor (+2 item levels from end-game gear)
      • Has an enhanced style of the end-game suit (Enhanced Owlman!)
      • Has a style feat and title
      • Is the most expensive suit
      • When this suit has been completed, subsequent gear purchases of this suit AND the end-game suit AND the event suit are cheaper
  • Member & Owner Rewards - BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!
    • In EVERY piece of content, the last boss will reward a special box just for members and purchasers of the episode.
    • The box can contain:
      • Enhanced versions of the event gear style (Enhanced Johnny Quick!)
      • Bonus OP collection items
      • Unique base items

We expect the player (or alt) who is not yet at end-game to enjoy the easy event content, the end-game player to enjoy the accessible end-game content as usual, and the elite player to rise to the challenge of the elite raids to get that improved elite gear, all while the increasing currency rewards and extended vendor discounts keep everything within reach.

That's a wrap on what is changing in the structure and rewards for this episode, but what content, characters, and story are actually IN Episode 30? DCUO Creative Director SJ "NerdOfPrey" Mueller has all those details right after this. SJ, take it away!



Thanks Mepps! You guys, Earth 3 is such a big deal. It’s the Justice League versus the Crime Syndicate, finally! What an epic story to tell, and what an incredible time to be a Justice League fan. The team couldn’t be more excited to release this episode.

But here’s the big news: This is the first time we’ve reunited the Trinity in an all-new storyline since the launch of the game. That’s right, ALL THREE of the Justice League’s heavy hitters (and DCUO's mentors) return in Earth 3 to take on their evil counterparts in the Crime Syndicate! You’re reading this right. Superman, Wonder Woman, AND Batman are all back. And that’s not all. They are joined by other key members, like Cyborg and the Flash. Even Lex Luthor is along for this ride.

It’s going to take all of them and a whole lot more to take down the Crime Syndicate.

The Visitor (2-Player Operation)

The story begins in “The Visitor,” an epic 2-Player Operation that reveals our first doppleganger from Earth 3 – Alexander Luthor. At great risk, he has traveled to our world to request help against the Crime Syndicate, a council of evil super-beings that use their great strength to rule his world. He means well, but the Justice League is a bit uneasy trusting anyone with Lex Luthor’s face. Can't say I blame them.

There are two versions of this operation: Event (Stat Clamped) and End-Game.



Gotham City: Tricorner Yards (Open World Missions)

At the end of “The Visitor,” the Justice League, Lex Luthor, and heroes and villains alike have traveled to Earth 3 to help. Or in Lex’s case, to explore this alluring world where evil can win. The snowy city is bleak and run by a corrupt Mayor by the name of James Gordon.

When you arrive, you will see that the Justice League has set up a hidden base beneath a bridge in the city. They need your help to get the lay of the land and find out more about this world, and about its evil oppressors. Lex Luthor is along for the ride, but instructs villains to share any and ALL information with him, because he has an idea... And Batman has tasked you and your friends to find a way to bring down Mayor Gordon.

Who says you can’t fight City Hall?

There is one version of these missions: Event (Stat Clamped).



Injustice System (4-Player Alert)

Batman has stormed the giant, oppressive Municipal Building in an effort to track down the corrupt Mayor Gordon. But the Mayor doesn’t rule this city alone, and he’s ready to light the signal and call for back-up.

There are two versions of this alert: Event (Stat Clamped) and End-Game.


The Panopticon (8-Player Raid)

Surprising no one, Lex had an ulterior motive in all this, and has struck out on his own. He is determined to take down the Crime Syndicate himself, starting with Ultraman. Unfortunately for him, he is captured before he can find his quarry. You must join Alexander and and the rest of the Justice League to mount a dangerous rescue inside the Panopticon, the Crime Synidcate's twisted version of the Watchtower. Lucky for us, Cyborg has found a way in.

There are three versions of this raid: Event (Stat Clamped), End-Game, and Elite.



The Escape (8-Player Raid)

The Crime Syndicate has uncovered a way to tear open a massive hole in time and space, one large enough to drive the entire Panopticon through! And that is their plan – to drive it right into our own Earth’s orbit! The entire team must assemble to take on the Crime Syndicate in an epicly ridiculous battle of the bests between these two worlds!

There are three versions of this raid: Event (Stat Clamped), End-Game, and Elite.


SJ "NerdOfPrey" Mueller
Creative Director
DC Universe Online



Want to see more? Tune in TODAY at 2PM PT for a livestream preview. We'll take a closer look at the new environments, characters, and rewards, recap the episode's structural additions, and take your questions.

The livestream begins at 2:00PM PT on Friday, November 3, 2017. Find us over on Twitch.


If you missed the livestream, watch the replay here:



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