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New Artifacts Starter Pack!


If you want to get a jump on ranking up a new Artifact, consider the Artifacts Starter Pack. This pack has everything you need to blast right into the Artifact system, including one of any of the eight existing Artifacts! Here is what is included:

  • Any one of the eight existing Artifacts that you do not already own
  • 8 Flawless Nth Metal (1000 Artifact experience each, Account Bound)
  • 1 Rank 20 Catalyst Pack (Set of two Electrum catalysts)
  • 1 Rank 40 Catalyst Pack (Set of two Dionesium and one Superior Dionesium Catalysts)
  • 1 Seal of Preservation
  • 1 Nth Metal Detector

After picking your Artifact, you will have enough Catalysts and Nth Metal to get your new Artifact to Rank 40. Now available in the in-game Marketplace for 1800 Daybreak/Marketplace Cash.

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